Ameresco 190W 24V Module C1D2 – 190J

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The Ameresco 4190J is a 190W solar module with 24V nominal power output, making it great for battery charging applications. Other appliances are in remote industrial applications such as telemetry, security sensors and instrumentation systems.



Buy Ameresco 190w 24v module C1D2 – 190J Online

Buy Ameresco 190W 24V Module online. The Ameresco 4190J is a 190W solar module with a 24V nominal power affair, making it great for battery charging operations. Other appliances are in remote artificial operations similar to telemetry, security detectors, and instrumentation systems.

This is an excellent solar panel 24V module for artificial operations taking any of the following instruments

  • Conforms to European directives.
  • Pukka according to the IEC 61215 (Liquid silicon terrestrial photovoltaic modules- Design qualification and type blessing) and to the IEC 61730 (Photovoltaic module safety qualification, conditions for construction and testing).
  • Listed to UL 1703 Standard for Safety by Intertek ETL (Class C fire standing).
  • Approved by Intertek ETL for use in Class 1, Division 2, Groups A to D dangerous locales.
  • Module electrical measures are calibrated to world radiometric reference via third-party transnational laboratories.
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 pukka manufactories.
  • Module data distance complies with the conditions of EN 50380.

For additional information on this solar panel 24V module, see ./pdf spec sheet below.

Peak Power (Pmpp) 190 W Cell Type: Monocrystalline
Peak Power Voltage (Vmpp) 38 V Cell Dims: 125 x 125mm
Peak Power Current (Impp) 5 A Length: 62.5 in.
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 45.3 V Width: 31.1 in.
Short Circuit Current: 5.8 A Depth incl. jbox: 2 in.
Max. System Voltage: 600 V Depth excl. jbox: 2 in.
Weight: 33.95 lbs. Nominal Voltage: 24 V
Box Quantity: any Limited Warrantee: 25 years
Max Series Fuse: 20 A